Sometimes the Good People Win! (AKA, I won the battle with Julian’s Bakery!)

Well, it took almost a full week, but I finally got Julian’s Bakery to refund my money for the nasty, inedible, and falsely advertised protein bars they shipped me last week. I made it very clear that mailing the product back was not an option, and it appears they conceded in battle. Since it has […]


Julian’s Bakery: Worst Customer Service!

OK, so, remember how I posted a review of my Paleo Protein Bars from Julian’s Bakery last week? Well, I surprisingly found something worse than their bars …their customer service! Allow me to share the follow-up emails to my complaint (and request for a refund) from last week: Hello Victoria, I am so sorry but […]

Julian’s Bakery Paleo Protein Bars: A Review

If you’ve ever considered ordering the Paleo Protein Bars from Julian’s Bakery, allow me to give you a review of their chocolate mint flavor: 1.) On their website, the calories were clearly identified as 190 per bar. These bars they’ve sent me are 230. Um, 40 calories is a HUGE difference, especially to someone on […]

Product Review Coming: MyHealthyEats Protein Bars

Over the last twelve months, I’ve discovered most newcomers to my blog are the result of one of two things: ONE: they read my weight loss story on either The Huffington Post or Daily Mail (or stumbled across my homemade documentary on YouTube) and came here to commiserate/join me on the journey. Weight loss and […]

RX Bars: Best Customer Service!

So, I’m sure all of you remember the horrific debacle I dealt with a few weeks back with Julian’s Bakery regarding their moldy, nasty Paleo protein bars, right? It was an all-around terrible experience: their customer service led me in circles, insisted I mail back their product, and told me I’d be responsible for shipping […]

Candida Diet Approved (and PALEO) Italian Bread!

A very close friend of mine has been dealing with some health issues and her doctor, both trained in holistic/natural and traditional medicine, has suggested she follow a Candida-diet in the short term until they are able to fully identify the cause of her illness. After learning more about the Candida Diet, I realized that […]

The Downside of Morning Workouts

I both love and hate Thursdays. I love them, because I work late: 12pm to 9pm. I love them because I get to work out in the morning, and feel like I’m starting my day out productive. I hate them, though, because that morning workout I enjoy so much turns me into a RAVENOUS, CANDY-INHALING […]

The Required New Year’s Resolutions Post

OK, you all knew it was coming… the infamous resolutions post. This is the expected annual tradition for any of us that has an unhealthy vice (which is practically 99.9% of humanity, I’m sure) and, for many people, it feels like an act of futility. While I’ve been a bit down lately regarding my weight […]

My New Obsession: Rudi’s Original Gluten-Free Bread

Despite staying under 1,300 calories per day and working out 5-6 days per week, my weight has creeped up a tiny bit this week. I’m back up to 135.8 as of this morning. I’m not freaking out, though, as there are a lot of factors contributing to it: I’ve doubled up on strength workouts. And […]