The Plithe of the Bridesmaid

So… just tried on my bridesmaid’s dress for my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding. It zips – except for the last stubborn 1.5 inches.


The wedding is on May 5th, which means I have less than 30 days to make this dress fit. My guess is that I could stand to drop 5 lbs, which is roughly what I’ve put on since the last time I was fitted.

Normally, I would just switch to “hardcore diet” mode, but here’s my dilemma:

This weekend is my 6th wedding anniversary.

Which means I’ll be eating out, skipping the gym, and swooning over my stud muffin of a husband – not working out. Did I mention eating? Love and chocolate are synonymous in my book.

Following my anniversary, I’ll be moving into my new house the next weekend. Which means all my dishes are packed, Lord knows where my tennis shoes are at the moment, and I’ll probably be eating fast food, just because it’s the quickest and easiest thing to grab.

This doesn’t seem like the recipe for weight loss success, does it?

In all likelihood, this dress is bound to get TIGHTER in the next two weeks versus looser. Which means I’ll be working at an even bigger deficit when I get back to normal and probably will be working to shed 7-8 lbs in less than two weeks.

I’m in trouble.

Hoping for a miracle… or the stomach flu,

~ Tori


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