Life Lessons

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share some life lessons I’ve picked up in the last 24 hours.

Don’t worry, I’ll be quick.

  1. It’s a bad idea to sign up for GymPact the evening before you have an out-patient surgery. Out-patient surgeries typically don’t allow you to do strenuous workouts for a few days after the procedure to ensure you don’t exacerbate the injury.

  2. It’s an even WORSE idea to ignore the post-op care and attempt to go for a run 24 hours after your procedure. Popped stitches = owwies. But I’m not losing my $5, damn it!

  3. If you’re hungry but don’t know what to eat, drink a Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider. Fucking delicious. 130 calories. And Paleo!

  4. Ciders [or the alcohol inside them] numb your stomach and you no longer want to eat every piece of junk food in your house.

  5. Sweat REALLY burns when it gets into your stitches.

  6. Seriously. Sweat + open wounds = bad idea.

That being said, I skipped my workout on Monday but went today, primarily because I didn’t want to lose money on GymPact and I needed to hit 5 workouts by Sunday at midnight. With Monday a wash, I couldn’t skip a second day.

What did I tell you? I’m motivated when I have a goal – especially a financial one – on the line!

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori


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