Labor Day Breakfast!

With a fridge full of Farmer’s Market goodies, I knew breakfast was going to be delicious today. I just had no idea it was going to be FOODGASMIC.

I started off by sautéing a fresh, sweet red pepper. You know, one that I got for just 25 cents at the market yesterday!

Focused on protein, I sliced up an Alfresco Sweet Apple Chicken sausage, which are currently BOGO at Publix until Wednesday:


I added them to the pan with the seared red onions and quick cooked them until everything was browned and smelled intoxicating.

Seriously, it's a work of art!

Seriously, it’s a work of art!


One fried egg over top and a slice of toasted Rudi’s Original Bread and I was in LABOR DAY BREAKFAST HEAVEN!

Under 400 calories, all freshly prepared in under 10 minutes, and packed full of protein and flavor for a fun day off!

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori


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