Throw Back Thursday!

Throw Back Thursday!

This photo was taken while I was on a religious youth trip (Lutheran, ELCA – “Dancing at the Crossroads”) in St. Louis, Missouri.

At this point I was broaching my heaviest weight in high school: I was at least 190 pounds in this photo. I remember being very upset just before this picture, as I had struggled to keep up at volunteer event that day. My weight made it challenging for me to run around and hustle the way the organizers needed me to in order to keep everything running smoothly.

I started to distance myself in pictures by this age (this snapshot is actually part of a larger photo of our group – I snuck off to the side to try to avoid the central focus) and I really noticed my weight was impacting the quality of my life.

These TBT photos help to remind me of the girl that I was and the woman I became as a result of taking control of my health, my fitness, and my life. A good reminder of the past helps to keep your focus on the present!

Bon appetit, my friends!
~ Tori


3 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday!

  1. I think we all have these photos. lol Always good to look back and appreciate what we had then but really appreciate what is now. Puts things into perspective. (and helps you put that second cookie down. haha)

    • Amen! I always remind myself that yesterday is BEHIND me, but I revisit my past to remember how hard I’ve worked to get where I am today. We study history in school to help ourselves avoid repeating former mistakes; the same goes for these TBT photos! 🙂

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