OK. I’m four days in and I’m still breathing!

I wake up every day at 1:45am. I am at Job #1 (dream job) no later than 3am. I work – feverishly – from 3am until 7:30-8am.

Job #2 (love it, too, but #1 is definitely my passion) starts at 9am and goes until 6pm, sometimes as late as 9pm.

Two nights per week, I attend graduate school (from 6:45pm to 9:30pm).

Somewhere in the tiny bit of hours leftover I need to:

  • Sleep. Currently, I’m getting less than 3 hours/night. I’ve been having two diet Rockstars per day, plus the occasional cup of coffee to survive. I’m doing this proactively, though, as I’ve not yet experienced the feeling of exhaustion. I’m just so scared of it hitting me (and knocking me out) that I’m drinking the caffeinated beverages BEFORE the yawns start.
  • Spend time with family/friends. Not doing too well at this right now, but I did just start this new schedule…
  • Eat healthy. I am failing miserably at the moment. Not only am I eating more (I have breakfast around 2am, then again at 5am, then at 8am, etc), I’m also totally binging on sugar at night. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and a propensity to eat at night, but this has been BAD lately. I’m scared to get on the scale.
  • Work out. Surprisingly, I’m not doing too bad at this. I went for a 45 minute walk Monday night (not much, but I had class that night, so I was literally in motion for almost 20 straight hours). I also went Tuesday night (no class) and again today, as I didn’t have to go to Job #2 until 11am. It probably would have been a better idea to take a nap (I’m feeling tired now), but I opted for 75 minutes on the elliptical instead.

I have no idea what’s going on with my appetite. I’m ravenous. Seriously, I can’t stop. Even coworkers have been teasing me: someone called me the “bottomless pit” today after they saw me open my filing cabinet (aka, my pantry) to grab a third snack within the hour.

My only guess is that not sleeping has sent my metabolism into chaos: my body is seeking alternative energy sources, resulting in frenetic eating. Will power can’t even squeak out a word – I’m just inhaling food until I’m so stuffed, it hurts.

I’m off from Job #2 tomorrow, so my goal is to come home at 8am, take a much-needed nap, get in a TREMENDOUS workout (at least 2-3 hours at the gym, all muscle groups!), and spend a little time socializing.

It has been an INCREDIBLE week. I’m having so much fun. I’ve been too excited/happy to even notice the sleep deprivation; really, the only time I feel tired is when I sit down for too long. As long as I keep moving, I’m good.

Life is good, but I have a feeling I’m going to need to find a better balance if I’m going to keep this up for an extended period of time. But I’ll worry about that once I get a nap!

Bon appetit, my friends, and have a great evening!

~ Tori


P.S. Check out who I met today at Job #1:

Djimon Hounsou!

Djimon Hounsou! 🙂


2 thoughts on “WHEW!

    • Thank you! My schedule wasn’t this bad before (I just started the second job this week), but I’ve always been pretty good about sneaking in workouts. Thank you for reading! I’ll check out your blog now – I love meeting fellow friends on the journey to good health!


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