Trader Joe’s is my BEST FRIEND!

OK, I know everyone raves about Trader Joe’s for their Two Buck Chuck (technically, it’s Three Buck Chuck, since it’s $2.99, but let’s not argue technicalities) and their insane Cookie Butter spread, but I’ve discovered that this Aldi-esque giant is actually PERFECT for someone trying to eat well, eat fast, and eat on a budget.

Introducing …their insane selection of pre-made and SUPER INEXPENSIVE salads!


Seriously, this is HEAVEN.

All of the salads are between $2.99 and $4.99, they are perfectly portioned, and there are at LEAST fifteen different varieties/options when I go to my local Trader Joe’s.

They offer some vegan options, some vegetarian options, and several with salmon, seafood, chicken, and chopped deli meat!

I love the fact that the nutrition labels include the calories/fat with and without the dressing! Huge convenience and really helps us put into perspective the calories added with just a little cup of sauce! I’m one of those weird people that happens to just REALLY enjoy the taste of my fruits/veggies, so I never use dressings, so the separate calorie count helps me be more accurate.

These are my TOP salad choices:

myfavesalad greensandseeds 96285-harvest-salad salmonsalad

I could eat the broccoli/kale one for every meal, honestly. It’s just SO good!

I’ve been making it a point to go almost every Sunday morning and buy about a dozen salads to eat for the week. I try to buy the ones at the very back of the refrigerated section (the ones dated the last the longest, since they’re the freshest) and I’ll eat 2-3x per day over the course of the week until they run out.

Most of the salads are just 160-300 calories without their dressing, so I can eat three per day and still fit in another full meal, a snack, or a sweet treat without breaking my 1,500 calorie goal.

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby and haven’t check it out, it’s time for you to go! You won’t regret it!

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori


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