Savage Race on Saturday!

I’ve been silent about this for the most part, but on Saturday I am competing in the Savage Race in Dade City, Florida.

In case you’ve never heard of the Savage Race, this is what it looks like:

Savage Race 1

Savage Race 3 Savage Race 4

Fires. Electrified barbed wire. Mud. Ice-filled dumpster swim.

I’ve done this once before (back in 2012) when I was not in as good of shape as I am now (I was about 15 lbs heavier) and there were several obstacles I physically couldn’t do. This year, I’m hoping my lighter weight and stronger upper body will allow me to complete the whole course without skipping any of the stops.

The only obstacle I REFUSE to do? The 2-foot wide tunnel INTO THE GROUND that is 100% pitch black.

Nope… just, nope. I’m severely claustrophobic and panic in an elevator (or a car after too long), so the thought of being in a hot, dark, cramped tube with people jammed in front of and behind me is HORRIFYING. Besides, it’s not even a test of strength so much as it is a test of fear. And I don’t need to test that today.

I’m running in the 11:20am heat on Saturday and my husband is coming along to cheer me from the sidelines. Wish me luck!

Bon appetit, my friends!


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