Accountability for Friday

I wrote a nice, long post yesterday to give you an update on my day …and my browser froze, losing EVERYTHING.


Well, I don’t feel like repeating all of it, so I will just sum it up as best as I can:

1.) Discovered I could still taste peppermint despite my cold.
2.) “Accidentally” found my hidden stash of gourmet peppermint bark. :/
3.) Ate almost 500 calories of said peppermint bark.
4.) Felt guilty (since it wasn’t my cheat day), I hit the gym.

Here’s my summary for yesterday—


I’m still feeling all of the cold symptoms, but it’s not enough to inhibit me from my workouts, so I’m going to stick with it until my body tells me otherwise.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Bon appetit, my friends!
– Tori


5 thoughts on “Accountability for Friday

  1. The same rule applies when writing blog posts, as it does when writing … anything at all on your computer. Save often! WordPress does a commendable job at saving drafts automatically, but it doesn’t hurt to hit that save button at the bottom left corner every now and then, especially when writing a behemoth of a post!

    Murphy’s law loves those that defy it 😉

    Keep it up and continue listening to your body! Except when it comes to peppermint bark cravings, then turn a deaf ear!

    • I’m an atheist, so I’ve lost my 90 lbs by the will and motivation of my own efforts. Congratulations on your weight loss, Deborah! Seventy-one pounds is a substantial loss, and one you should be very proud of for life!

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