Accountability for Friday

I wrote a nice, long post yesterday to give you an update on my day …and my browser froze, losing EVERYTHING.


Well, I don’t feel like repeating all of it, so I will just sum it up as best as I can:

1.) Discovered I could still taste peppermint despite my cold.
2.) “Accidentally” found my hidden stash of gourmet peppermint bark. :/
3.) Ate almost 500 calories of said peppermint bark.
4.) Felt guilty (since it wasn’t my cheat day), I hit the gym.

Here’s my summary for yesterday—


I’m still feeling all of the cold symptoms, but it’s not enough to inhibit me from my workouts, so I’m going to stick with it until my body tells me otherwise.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Bon appetit, my friends!
– Tori

Friday Accountability Report

We had a birthday in the office today so you know what that means: cookies, Publix cake, and snacks galore!

While I resisted the siren call of both the cookies and cake, I was sucked in by the sweet Chex Mix (such crunchy goodness) and a generous serving of Jif Mocha Cappuccino hazelnut spread (like Nutella, but even worse for you).

My dinner was healthy (but included bread – so not Paleo), but the post-dinner cupcake sort of sealed the deal on the calorie fiasco.

Fortunately, I did enough cardio today to cancel out, so let’s hope the damage isn’t too bad on the scale or the waist.





Hope everyone had an awesome Friday night!

Bon appetit, my friends!


Tuesday Accountability Report

My sweet tooth was in overdrive today and I definitely overindulged. Whoops!

I was at work 9-9 again so I wasn’t able to make it to the gym again (second day in a row).

I plan to hit the gym HARD tomorrow (think 2+ hours cardio AND strength training) to cancel out some of the munchies I’ve had the last 24 hours.




Hope everyone else has been doing better with clean eating than I have this week! 🙂

Bon appetit, my friends!


Don’t Freak Out

I’m trying to keep myself calm. I’m trying NOT to freak out. I got on the scale this morning and it’s WAAAAY up.

Five pounds up.

I’ve done a lot of exercise lately (I ran for 2 hours, 45 minutes on Friday alone) and a lot of strength training, so I know most of the weight is the result of muscle fatigue and lactic acid back-up.

I’ve also consumed a lot of salt lately, polishing off a gigantic bowl of Vietnamese Pho on Saturday like it was my job:


This was a picture taken HALFWAY through the bowl. Yeaaaaah, I finished it.

This was a picture taken HALFWAY through the bowl. Yeaaaaah, I finished it.

I’m trying not to believe that these five pounds are real, but the numbers terrified the snot out of me this morning.

I admit, I’ve been eating a TON of candy lately.

I haven’t limited myself to one Cadbury egg this week; I’ve had 2-3 daily most of this week. I believed my extra workouts entitled me to it (which they did, I guess, if my goal was to cancel out my exercise with food) and now I’m trying to assure myself that I haven’t gained five pounds from chocolate.


Don’t freak out. Don’t purge. Don’t lose control.

I’m guzzling water and coffee today. I’m avoiding salt. I’m praying for a miracle tomorrow.

~ Tori