You probably noticed that I didn’t post this weekend.

No accountability reports, no updates.


It wasn’t a good weekend. I weighed in on Friday morning at 125.8 (expected, as I knew the 124.6 was more than likely water weight), and I ate well all day. My husband planned a beer tasting (like a wine tasting, but with craft beer), so I got a good workout in (two hours of elliptical) to give myself an extra allowance for dinner.

Yeah. I was bad. I ate a TON of cheese, drank three glasses of wine, and had a bunch of salty crackers. Even with my 1,250+ calorie burn, I was still way over my calorie limit, consuming close to 2,800 total calories.

OK… so Friday was my cheat day.

Then Saturday came along. My weight was up HORRIBLY (over 130) and I was depressed.

I ate healthy, worked out HARDCORE (60 minutes on the stairmaster for 1,003 burned calories + 60 minutes elliptical for another 630 calories burned), and then my husband and I had pho for dinner, followed by chocolate.

Again, over my calorie allowance, but I burned enough (fortunately) to still be at a burn.

On Sunday, I weighed in at 134.

134!! How do I go from 124.6 on Thursday to 134 on Sunday? Is it truly, physically possible to gain 10 lbs in three days?!

I took two diuretic pills, desperately trying to flush out the salt. I drank 1.5 liters of aloe vera juice, 1.5 liters of water, and 2 cups of green tea. I wasn’t able to workout (I had to work and a stack of homework), but I managed to squeeze in about 45 minutes of walking, and then I did 250 squats, 100 lunges, and 100 bicep curls while watching TV with my husband before bed.

This morning? 131.8 lbs.

Honestly, why do I even try? 😦

~ Tori


5 thoughts on “Grrrrrr.

  1. First of all, breathe. Are you breathing? Deep breaths, inside and out. Close your eyes and start counting to ten, each breath representing a number.

    You ate a ton of sodium laden things with a starved body, rapid weight gain happens, as did your rapid weight loss before it.

    Let’s continue on that breathing, a few more breaths.

    You knew it would happen, so why act surprised or depressed or disappointed, your body just reminded you that it wants a straight line, not extreme ups and downs when it comes to food, I’d personally up your food intake to match your exercise, or lower the exercise. Slow and steady wins the race, especially at the last few pounds of your journey – you’re not even close to obese anymore, no need to act like if you were in a rush to lose weight.

    Those breaths feel good, heart’s not racing, mind is calming down, let’s do a few more.

    Past is in the past, done is done and you know it, you’ve been down this road before and as always, that road is walked forward, never backwards. Water is water and it will leave the body as quickly as it came. After this week you’ll be right where you were, hell, you even lost 2.2lbs over night. It took you 4 days to gain, was it supposed to all leave in 1?

    Let’s put a smile on that face and face forward towards the future, back on track and let’s do it!

  2. Yes breathe!

    Just start new and move forward. I do that too. When I have a bunch of crappy eating days it’s like I go bipolar and stop blogging and stop EVERYTHING. You got this girl. Today is a new day. Good to hear from you!

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