Julian’s Bakery Paleo Protein Bars: A Review

If you’ve ever considered ordering the Paleo Protein Bars from Julian’s Bakery, allow me to give you a review of their chocolate mint flavor:
1.) On their website, the calories were clearly identified as 190 per bar. These bars they’ve sent me are 230. Um, 40 calories is a HUGE difference, especially to someone on a restricted diet. Not acceptable.

2.) When I opened the wrapper, I discovered the bar was covered in a sticky, oily white film. NASTY! Was the bar dipped in semen before packaging as a good luck measure? EWW.

3.) The protein bar is HARD AS A ROCK. The video and description of the bars all show them as chewy, with texture similar to a Quest Protein Bar (which are delicious and far superior). I’m pretty sure I could purchase some mortar and build a house with these slippery, semen-coated bricks they sent me.

I should have realized that their products were subpar when they disabled the ability for anyone to comment or message them on Facebook. They have a bunch of fake planted comments from users (aka, fake profiles and/or employees) who think these bars are just fabulous! Allow me to point out that they are certainly not. And, for $35 for a 12 pack, you can bet I’m going to make it public that I am dissatisfied and want my money back.

Normally, I end all of my posts with “bon appétit,” but it is definitely not appropriate about these bars!

Other than their ridiculously high costs and slow ship time, I’ve always been pretty cool with their other products. They make breads, cookies, waffles, and coconut tortilla wraps that have all been pretty stellar. These bars are a huge disappointment, and they obviously know that they are not well received if they have shut down all forms of contact in regards to them and planted fake reviews. I will always second-guess myself before ordering from them again.

– Tori


11 thoughts on “Julian’s Bakery Paleo Protein Bars: A Review

  1. Victoria,
    You are so spot on with this review and you are certainly not alone. I hope these come through as links and if not, you may visit my listed website below.
    Though they are very serious maybe you will see some humor too. The Julian Bakery has been lying and scamming diabetics and the low carb community for many years and has never allowed any negative feedback to show on any of their many websites and Facebook pages.

    This last one is a pictorial of their moldy paleo bars from around the web. That white film on your bars was quite likely mold. http://low-carb-scams.com/julian-bakery-moldy-paleo-bars/

    Deborah Krueger

    • Deborah, I am APPALLED by them. I had always loved and enjoyed their Paleo wraps (which I bought from Amazon), so I decided to expand my interests to their breads, waffles, and protein bars. I am terrified of the potential impact on my grandmother, a type one diabetic, to whom I sent SIX LOAVES of their bread! I hope it doesn’t cause her any health issues or blood glucose spikes. As far as the bars …absolutely repulsive. Do they have ANYONE who likes them? At all?! Why continue to produce products that ALL of your consumer basis HATES?

    • Lauren says:

      You ladies are correct about the Julian protein bars….they are the most god awful tasting protein bars I have ever tried. I also had three coworkers taste them and they almost vomited! I had the cake batter flavor

  2. Angie Kisfalusi says:

    I ordered the chocolate fudge and my friend ordered caramel and doughnut. They are so hard it is like eating an old tootsie roll. Nearly pulled my teeth out trying to eat them. So disappointed and it took weeks to get them. They are a joke.

  3. Sheila Dunn says:

    I ordered 1 box of chocolate mint and 1 assorted. The advertisement made them look so good, but they’re anything but. They are disgusting, oily and rock hard. I injured my jar after eating a bar ( I had 2 and am surprised that I found the courage to ingest another one after bar #1). I had to go to the dentist because I thought made I had spasm in my jaw. The diagnosis was a pulled pterygoid ligament ( I hope I’m spelling it correctly). Apparently, this is a ligament that is not injured too often, and occurred from trying to bite into this vile chocolate-mint block of concrete, which caused the jaw to shift from side to side. I am now on anti-inflammatory medication. My husband thinks,we should save the remaining bars and use them as doorjam or a weapon. This was such a waste of money. Oh, BTW each bar supposedly have 22 grams of fiber??
    In 2 days I ingested 44grams of fiber, but I doubt that’s true…I think I would have known if I really ate 44 grams of fiber.

  4. Sheila Dunn says:

    Does any one know of a better company to buy paleo products from? I have a loaf of Julian Bakery bread and I’m afraid to eat it, after the paleo bar experience.

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