Eating in St. Augustine!

My husband and I decided to celebrate Labor Day in St. Augustine, Florida and, despite all the temptations for bad food, we were (mostly) good!

Our breakfast consisted of a GIANT pomelo (think: massive grapefruit) and some fresh squeezed OJ from a vendor, a few samples of red wine from the San Sebastián winery, and a delicious dinner (and cocktails) at The Ice Plate restaurant!

My husband and I split the soup du jour, a delicious cream soup, and a watermelon arugula salad.



I tried to choose the healthiest cocktails: a skinny margarita and an old fashioned, but did steal a sip of my husband’s ZOMBIE punch!

I hope everyone had a tasty (and safe) Labor Day!!

Bon appetit,

– Tori


2 thoughts on “Eating in St. Augustine!

    • It was so good! It was a carrot cream soup with freshly diced cilantro, a crema drizzle, and bourbon glazed candied pecans! The salad was fresh watermelon, arugula, minced jalapeño, radishes, and feta in a very light vinaigrette! Everything was truly fantastic!

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