Food Porn!

Decided to get some “fast food” for lunch: CRISPERS!

Check out this deliciousness:


The large SUMMER SALAD, no cheese, with fresh avocado added. Fat free raspberry vinaigrette to dip, but the salad is so flavorful, I hardly need it.

Happy body, happy life!

Bon appetit, my friends!



Crispers Summer Salad: Paleo Version



Sorry for all the food porn lately, but doesn’t this salad just look mouth-watering?

I substituted the Gorgonzola for fresh, ripe avocado and nixed the dressing all together.

Crisp red onion, candied pecans, strawberry and apple slices, topped with delicious honey-roasted turkey.

Roughly 475 calories and 100% delicious. And you honestly don’t need the dressing because the fruit is so flavorful!

Bon appetit, friends!