Lead Me Not into Temptation

I am currently trying to resist the urge to purchase diet pills.

Not those thermogenic, crazy-heart rate kind — we all know those are just death capsules waiting to explode your heart — but the pills the promise appetite suppression.

Like I’ve said in earlier posts, my biggest struggle on this new schedule is the fact that I am ALWAYS hungry. Literally, there isn’t a moment in the day where I wouldn’t happily eat a plate full of food and ask for seconds. I went from an average calorie consumption between 1,200-1,500 to averaging OVER 2,000 calories daily …and still being ravenous at bed time!

I know, I know. My body is compensating for lack of sleep by craving excess nutrition. It’s trying to get energy from an alternative source! But how I can I subdue it (slightly) so I don’t pull an Alice in Wonderland growth spurt and burst out of my own house?

I know diet pills aren’t the healthiest choice, but eating fiber-rich foods and drinking water aren’t cutting it. Any other ideas, fellow yo-yos? I’m open to all suggestions!

Soliciting your help,

~ Tori