Injured Wrists?

I’ve been overdoing it at the gym lately. Well, not at the gym, per se, but actually on the stairmaster.

I’m obsessed with the machine, as it provides such an intense workout (I’m pouring sweat after just 15 mins) and it allows me to Netflix binge without guilt.

The downside to all of this intense cardio, though, is not the toll on my body …but rather the damage to my wrists.

To prevent myself from hunching over, I invert my wrists while I walk on the machine …basically turning them semi-backwards… and what was originally just uncomfortable is now a pretty severe pain.

My wrists are perpetually swollen, and I have a dull-ache that persists 24/7 from both wrists. I’m hoping I haven’t caused any permanent damage, and that a good icing tonight will undue any harm I’ve caused from repeated use.

The bad part? The aching wrists aren’t stopping me from going on the machine again and, inevitably, inverting my wrists as I find my groove on the machine. Can anyone recommend a wrist brace or, better yet, a position I can hold that won’t cause so much pain and spraining to my wrists?

As always, bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori


Moving on UP!

I’ve been absolutely in love with the stairmaster lately, watching 90-120 minute movies on it 5-7x per week.

I know it’s terrible to do the same cardio machine every day, but I love how intense the workout is (I’m literally drenched in sweat and have to towel off multiple times during the session), but also how strong and sore my legs feel after.

I feel like I’m getting an intense lower body (and back, and core) workout from balancing on the machine, and I alternate between single steps, lunge steps, swing steps, and others to keep the exercise diverse and challenging.

As a result of all of my stepping, my UP band reports that I’ve set a new personal record for steps taken in a single week:


You saw that right: I walked over 83 miles in a single week!


That’s a little over THREE FULL MARATHONS worth of steps taken in just seven days. WHOA!

I’m going to try to take it a bit lighter this week, though, as I recognize that 83+ miles is a bit obsessive, especially for someone who is NOT training to be a pro-athlete. Still, though… I can’t help but be proud.

On that note …I think I’ve earned a snack. Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori