Not your average Monday…

Unlike all of my other “Monday” posts of the past, this is not a depressed, lamenting, regretful, or I-swear-I’m-committed-this-time post. For the first weekend in several months, I didn’t go crazy.

Yes, I had a few weekend delicacies.

Some wine, some junk food, even a beer or two snuck into the picture.

I didn’t work out at ALL on Saturday, unless you count laying out by the pool with a book as an intensive yoga session.

Seriously, this totally counts as a workout. Creating Vitamin D and producing melanin is a lot of work.

Seriously, this totally counts as a workout. Creating vitamin D and producing melanin is a lot of work.

This weekend, I did NOT lose my mind and go on a wild, eat-anything-that-fits-in-my-mouth rampage as I normally do.

I even managed to hit the gym on Sunday morning [6 days last week – thank you, Gym Pact!] and squeeze a bike ride in that evening.

As a result of this new-found weekend sanity, my weight did NOT sky rocket this morning.

When I got on the scale today I was 138.6.

Yes, slightly up from Friday, but that was expected given the salty snacks and delicious beverages I had consumed the night before. Normally, my weight on Monday morning is 3-5 lbs higher than I was on Friday morning, as the discipline and hard work I’d executed during the workweek is normally shoved into the back, dusty cabinets of my brain, only to be remembered when the alarm clock sounds at 7am Monday morning to announce the return of the routine.

I broke the tradition and remained [somewhat] disciplined throughout the weekend.

Tonight, after dinner, I was 138.2.

So, despite eating normally all day, I had shed some of the water weight I had carried over from Sunday.

I don’t want to jinx myself… but I think I’m reaching a point of consistency – of healthy routine – with my diet and exercise. Eating well and working out is becoming second nature and I’m finding myself less inclined to binge just because it’s a holiday, a weekend, or a “special” occasion. I didn’t have to think about it this weekend; it just happened that way.

I… I think I might be on the path of cutting this yo-yo string once and for all.

Here’s hoping,

~ Tori