Great Run!

At least one hundred times in the last three years, I’ve bumped into a neighbor in workout clothes and we’ve chatted about our mutual love of running.

Despite this almost daily interaction, we had never run together. I had often thought about suggesting it, but I was intimidated by her fitness level: she regularly competes in triathlons and, despite my Marathon success this past January, my weight gain has really crushed my self confidence.

A few nights ago, after we’d bumped into each other walking our dogs, she told me she planned to do an 8 mile training run Tuesday morning and asked if I’d want to join. I hesitated, embarrassed that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but then told her I’d love to.

For two nights in a row, I panicked, worried she’d be so much faster than me or that she’d feel like she had to tone down for me to keep up, and I even debated canceling on her. I didn’t want to be that person, though, so when my alarm went off at 4:45am this morning to get ready, I got up, stretched, and put on my running clothes.

I met up with her and her friend, another super fit runner, and I could feel myself getting really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But they were so nice and friendly and excited to run together, I decided I would give it my all and hope for the best.

Nine miles later, we finished as the sun was rising over Lake Baldwin, and I couldn’t believe we were done. We talked the whole time and, except for a quick water stop, we ran the whole route. Because of the high heat and humidity, we committed to a 10:00 minute mile pace; and it felt perfect the entire way.

No pain. No stress. Just a beautiful run and great conversation.

I’m so glad I didn’t cancel, and this gave me the confidence I needed to know that my few extra pounds haven’t diminished my athletic ability or endurance. I can get this weight back off, and I can continue to get stronger and faster at the same time.

I can do this. We can do this.

Bon appetite, my friends!

– Tori


Monkey Bars!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on eating whole, clean foods and getting exercise (and sleep!), but not watching the scale.

It has been weird walking past the scale every morning and not hopping on, but after nearly a month of not weighing myself …it feels pretty satisfying to not feel the desire as heavily as I used to. I don’t feel guilty any more when I walk by, and I quickly forget about my weight once I leave the bathroom.

My husband and I spent the weekend very active, hitting the theme parks on Friday night (walked over 6 miles in three hours), and then the gym on Saturday. Sunday was such a beautiful day, I rode by bike all over Orlando, catching an independent book fair down the street and a lazy ride around the lake. In fact, between taking walks and riding my bike, I logged almost 11 miles outside moving around. Add to that nearly 2 hours at the gym (I got lost in a movie) and I torched over 3,000 calories just being active. Wow!

But here’s the major accomplishment this weekend:

I did a full set of monkey bars without falling.

While that may be a small achievement for 90% of active adults, that’s HUGE for me. I was overweight as a child and I was never able to complete a row of monkey bars. Ever. I’d always try and fall off after just one or two bars.

Last night my husband ran sprints in the field at the local elementary school and, while waiting for him, I decided to play on the playground. A few slides, a few runs on the bouncing bridge, and then I spotted the monkey bars.

I was sweaty, and I knew that my grip wouldn’t be strong. I tried to build up the consolation phrases in my mind for when I failed, since I knew it was going to happen. Right?

I decided to test my luck, drying my hands on my shirt and grabbing on the slightly sticky (Elmer’s glue?) bar and swinging my weight off of base.

The first two bars were purely the result of momentum, and I could immediately feel my shoulders tighten and my grip get loose.

Well, here’s where I fall, I thought. But no. I made it another bar. And then another. And then another.

Harder and harder to fight my moistening grip, but I used my body weight and my shoulders to propel myself forward. Before I realized it, I had made it to the other side.

What?! I made it to the other side!

For the first time in my life – childhood and as an adult – I had made it across an entire row of monkey bars. WOOOHOOOO!

My upper body was strong enough to lurch me across twelve feet of treacherous “lava” below (isn’t that what you called the mulch on the playground) and land safely on the platform on the other side.

I don’t know about you, but that was better than any weigh in I’ve ever had.

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori

Wednesday Accountability Report

Whew! I’m exhausted after a long workout (cardio and strength), so my post will be short and sweet.

Here’s how I did for the day:





While I’ve been a bit disappointed in my weight the last week or so, I must admit that I can see noticeable definition starting in my legs and I’ve officially maxed out the calf-press machine (400 lbs, 9 reps)!


Don’t judge the bug bite: it’s Florida, it’s summer, and mosquitos are basically eating children whole. This is minor compared to how legs, arms, and exposed body parts look mid-summer.

I hope everyone had a great day, squeezed a workout in, and took good care of their bodies! And, if you enjoyed a few indulgences, good for you for taking care of your soul! :

Bon appetit, my friends!


Sunday Accountability Report

Today was a very, very good day.

Why? Because I woke up with a CRAZY fitness idea and I ran with it.

I live very close to the Cady Way Trail, which is a 6.5 mile shady bicycle/walking trail that cuts through Winter Park. What a lot of people don’t know is that Cady Way Trail connects to the Cross-Seminole Trail, a 23 mile tour that dissects Seminole County, Florida. It leads from Winter Park/Oviedo border all the way to Lake Mary – a solid 30 minute drive down I-4 on a day with no traffic.

My wild idea was to ride my bike (not a race bike, mind you, but a mountain-hybrid) the 60+ miles round trip to Lake Mary for lunch.

And guess what?

I did it!

Here’s how I looked PRE-departure:



Here is how I looked after 31.55 miles (I got lost on a trail detour!) as I sat down for lunch at Dexter’s in Lake Mary:


And, unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture upon arriving home; I was too exhausted and proud of myself to remember!

I tracked my food today purely out of habit, as I burned off WAY more than I could eat — a very good Sunday, indeed.




Did I mention Dexter’s had unlimited mimosas for $12? Don’t mind if I do:



Such a great day! I hope everyone had a stellar weekend and, as always, bon appetit!


Thursday Accountability Report

I love my late days at work: the one day per week where I go in from 12-9pm instead of the normal 9-6pm.

Typically, I use the morning to sleep in or run errands. Today, however, I used it to get a kick-ass workout in!

I had a bit of a cheat meal for dinner (it wasn’t my plan, but I succumbed to peer pressure), so that negated some of my efforts. Still, though, I’m pretty happy with how the day turned out.



I plan to spend my ENTIRE evening tomorrow at the gym (I have no school, no work, and no plans), so I’m sure I will make up for those sugary margaritas and greasy nachos on Friday!

Bon appetit, my friends!


Monday Accountability Report

I had class tonight, so I wasn’t able to start my Monday off at the gym as I would’ve liked.

That being said, I was EXTRA diligent about my diet. Check out today’s calorie summary:



Unintentionally lower than planned for calories, but the high protein nature of my meals today REALLY filled me up!

Check out the nutritional breakdown:



Not too shabby! I’m hoping to hit the gym hard tomorrow and I will post photos/measurements on Wednesday.

Total exposure, total accountability.

Hope everyone has a great evening and, if it’s dinner time for you: Bon appetit!

~ Tori

Not your average Monday…

Unlike all of my other “Monday” posts of the past, this is not a depressed, lamenting, regretful, or I-swear-I’m-committed-this-time post. For the first weekend in several months, I didn’t go crazy.

Yes, I had a few weekend delicacies.

Some wine, some junk food, even a beer or two snuck into the picture.

I didn’t work out at ALL on Saturday, unless you count laying out by the pool with a book as an intensive yoga session.

Seriously, this totally counts as a workout. Creating Vitamin D and producing melanin is a lot of work.

Seriously, this totally counts as a workout. Creating vitamin D and producing melanin is a lot of work.

This weekend, I did NOT lose my mind and go on a wild, eat-anything-that-fits-in-my-mouth rampage as I normally do.

I even managed to hit the gym on Sunday morning [6 days last week – thank you, Gym Pact!] and squeeze a bike ride in that evening.

As a result of this new-found weekend sanity, my weight did NOT sky rocket this morning.

When I got on the scale today I was 138.6.

Yes, slightly up from Friday, but that was expected given the salty snacks and delicious beverages I had consumed the night before. Normally, my weight on Monday morning is 3-5 lbs higher than I was on Friday morning, as the discipline and hard work I’d executed during the workweek is normally shoved into the back, dusty cabinets of my brain, only to be remembered when the alarm clock sounds at 7am Monday morning to announce the return of the routine.

I broke the tradition and remained [somewhat] disciplined throughout the weekend.

Tonight, after dinner, I was 138.2.

So, despite eating normally all day, I had shed some of the water weight I had carried over from Sunday.

I don’t want to jinx myself… but I think I’m reaching a point of consistency – of healthy routine – with my diet and exercise. Eating well and working out is becoming second nature and I’m finding myself less inclined to binge just because it’s a holiday, a weekend, or a “special” occasion. I didn’t have to think about it this weekend; it just happened that way.

I… I think I might be on the path of cutting this yo-yo string once and for all.

Here’s hoping,

~ Tori