Sunday Vlogs – Coming Soon!

Starting on Sundays, I plan to post a weekly video blog in which I expound upon my thoughts on diets, workouts, dealing with an eating disorder, and just the overall emotions involved.

At this point, my video documentary has received over 200 views, 14 likes, and four comments. This tells me that people definitely relate to my struggles and that a visual medium is likely a good way to keep my story personal, real, and engaging for everyone.

I’m not a videographer by any means, so I’ll likely just do it in my office with my webcam, but I’ll try to “pretty it up” in iMovie and at least make it presentable. I plan to use this as a video confessional/diary.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for topics, please feel free to email me:

Bon appetit, my friends,

~ Tori


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