I’ve reached the point where I’m accepting the fact that it’s not possible for me to lose weight while balancing two jobs.

Working 18+ hours daily and sleeping less than 3 hours per night is not the recipe for optimum health. I’ve put on about 10 lbs since starting this new crazy life (six weeks ago) and I’ve realized that the best I can do – at the moment – is try to maintain.

I’ve gotten my diet somewhat controlled, averaging 1800 calories per day – an improvement over the 2500+ I was struggling with a few weeks ago. When you don’t sleep, your body compensates by bringing in energy through food. I’ve never had sugar cravings as severe (and as insatiable) as I’ve had the past month.

I finish my contract with the TV studio on October 31st, at which point I will resume a normal, liveable work schedule. Either they will offer me full time (wahoo!) and I will leave my other job… or life returns to normal and I stick to my original position. I know I cannot balance two jobs long term (for the sake of my waistline AND mental health), so I’ve given myself the goal of just surviving the next six weeks without additional weight gain or mental breakdown. I’ll stop stressing the scale (I haven’t weighed in for three days and my hope is to NOT weigh in until after 10/31) and just focus on enjoying the experiences I’m gaining through this hectic schedule.

I think I can do it. Wish me luck!

– Tori


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