Day One Down, a Lifetime to Go!

Yesterday was a success, with less than 1,350 calories consumed, every color of the spectrum of fruits/veggies, 12 glasses of water, and a kick-ass workout.

I feel good: slightly sore, but strong. I think my strategy of building in a small “cheat” each day is going to really help me stay on track. Last night’s glass of wine and two pieces of chocolate were so satisfying, and knowing I had them to look forward to in the evening kept my will power strong throughout the day.

Tonight will be a bit of a challenge, as we’re having dinner with the in-laws (Three Kings Day) and I doubt they’ll have the healthiest food options. So let’s hope my promise of wine and chocolate later in the evening will help me be strong!

Bon appetit, my friends!
– Tori

P.S. Weigh-in and measurements to come tomorrow!


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