Confused, but happy …?

I’m not sure what is happening with my body, but the last few weeks have been interesting.

I went from 131.8 to 139 in the span of seven days (with no major binge-eating on my part), and it stayed in that 137-139 range for almost six days. I was freaking out.

Then, suddenly, yesterday my body seemed to let it all go …

Not to be graphic, but the ladies room was my best friend. I felt like a faucet was turned on in my bladder and never turned off, and by the time I weighed myself this morning, my weight had gone from 137.8 (yesterday morning), to 130.8 this morning.

Really? Seven pounds? That’s obscene.

While I’m thrilled to be back in the 130-132 range (the thought of gaining 5-7 lbs in a week was terrifying to me), I’m horribly confused by my body and equally frustrated by the fact that I seem to have little to no control.

I’ve been eating closer to 1,500-1,700 calories (with yesterday as the exception, as I skipped dinner out of exhaustion and landed at around 1,200 for the day), and I’ve only made it to the gym one day (Monday) so far. I’ve reached a point where I’m at a loss for how to keep the scale moving steadily in a negative direction. In fact, I would settle for just staying the same.

Anyone have advice? How do I switch it up? How do I keep the motivation going?

I’m frustrated today, and my thoughts are highly disjointed (as you can probably tell), so I doubt I even make sense in this post. I guess the mixed emotions (happy to see the weight gain wasn’t permanent, frustrated by the massive fluctuations) are wearing me out …not to mention the hours.

On that note, bon appetit my friends!

~ Tori


2 thoughts on “Confused, but happy …?

  1. Welcome to the realization that your body packs on, and releases, water and nothing but water. I’m glad you’re finally here as before you thought it packs on fat, but now you can see, clear as crystal – that it was water all along. šŸ™‚

    There is nothing to be done with weight fluctuations, they’re a part of life, especially for a woman – can blame the hormonal imbalances for that. The best thing to do is… stop weighing yourself all the time. If it bothers your mental state, the easiest fix is to just… well, stop weighing in.

    You know how your body reacts to what you put into it, you know how it reacts to the exercise you do. The scale is not a required daily component at all anymore for constant weight loss/maintaining.

    Maybe not even a weekly one. Every other week could be optimal in my eyes.

    Your journey is at a point where you shouldn’t focus on the scale or numbers, but on how you are feeling. Is what you are doing, making you happy – and is it something you can see yourself doing a year from now, or 5 years from now.

    Those are the main points your eyes should be on, not on the cold machine with springs. Though if that’s what makes you happy, then you should do it – but I somehow doubt that’s the case šŸ™‚

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