Whole Foods = Health

For the last week, I’ve really been putting my focus on whole, natural foods. Fresh fruits. Raw veggies. Minimally processed, organic when possible.

And, though I haven’t been weighing myself, I’ve noticed some differences already.

Skin is clearing. I don’t need my morning coffee. Hair feels softer, and more manageable.

Just by reducing my consumption of processed foods –especially sugars– I’ve noticed a major improvement on my physical health. My nails are growing faster, and the bags under my eyes are finally starting to recede.

Even if my weight never moved an ounce, I think I’d still feel confident that this is the way I’m supposedly to eat for life.

On that note… bon appetit!

(Just a small sampling of what I ate over the last week)

~ Tori


3 thoughts on “Whole Foods = Health

  1. I’m so happy for you! Especially about that last sentence. “Even if my weight never moved an ounce” – I hope you realize how big of a step that kind of a sentence is to someone who panicked over every last pound gained and lost, for the last… how many years? 😉

    A huge step in the right direction! I’m glad you’re finding out the benefits of clean eating and found something that works for you, and that you can feel confident in keeping 🙂

    Hope everything’s going well in the workplace and that you’re getting enough sleep nowadays!

    • I am actually getting more sleep …and I put in my notice (shocking!) to quit the second job so I can return my focus on my health, my family, and my friends. 🙂 I was doing WAY too much!

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