The Hiatus Has Ended


That’s the longest I’ve gone without posting on here in, well, ever.

I think I went almost two full weeks without logging my diet, regularly hitting the gym, watching what I eat, and posting about all of it on here.

Last Friday was my 30th birthday and I vowed to spend the week ENJOYING it versus stressing about it. I ate cake (lots and lots of it), drank craft beer, and spent almost an entire weekend in a bikini (kayaking, beach, etc).

It was GREAT.

As a result of this hiatus, though, I must admit the weight has jumped up. I went from 123.4 a few weeks ago to back up to 129.6 this morning.


A watched pot may never boil, but an unattended pot will most certainly boil over.

I’m not stressing the weight gain, as I know if I lost it once, I can do it again. I had planned to jump back on the bandwagon Monday, but my grandmother spent the day in town so the gym wasn’t an option. I did my best to eat well (she’s the anti-healthy eater, unfortunately), but still felt like it wasn’t the start I wanted to the week.

So, today is a new day. I’m back to focusing on mostly Paleo (allowing for moderate dairy), but avoiding grain, avoiding soy, and avoiding sugar as much as possible. I’m using MyFitnessPal to log my food, GymPact to log my veggies/fruits and workouts, and RunKeeper to set a mileage goal BEYOND what I do at the gym.

This week’s goals:

  • Hit the gym at least 5 times, preferably 6.
  • Eat at least three veggies per day (thank you, GymPact).
  • Maintain the Paleo diet as best as possible, with a cheat meal allowed on both Friday & Saturday.
  • Stay under 1,600 calories daily (this has been a challenge lately, so aiming for 1,600 and then reducing down to 1,300 when I get control of my appetite again).
  • Walk 15 miles in the week (Sunday-Saturday) in addition to my workouts. I walk my dogs three times per day (about a third of a mile each day), so it’s really just sneaking in a few more quick walks each day.

I don’t want to become obsessive (I have a tendency to do that, especially after a weight spike), but I also don’t want to stray past the 130 lbs benchmark, so I really need to kick it into gear.

On that note – it’s great to be back! I missed writing here daily and I’m sure a few of you were starting to get bored of the silence. 🙂

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori