Sunday Accountability Report

Today was a very, very good day.

Why? Because I woke up with a CRAZY fitness idea and I ran with it.

I live very close to the Cady Way Trail, which is a 6.5 mile shady bicycle/walking trail that cuts through Winter Park. What a lot of people don’t know is that Cady Way Trail connects to the Cross-Seminole Trail, a 23 mile tour that dissects Seminole County, Florida. It leads from Winter Park/Oviedo border all the way to Lake Mary – a solid 30 minute drive down I-4 on a day with no traffic.

My wild idea was to ride my bike (not a race bike, mind you, but a mountain-hybrid) the 60+ miles round trip to Lake Mary for lunch.

And guess what?

I did it!

Here’s how I looked PRE-departure:



Here is how I looked after 31.55 miles (I got lost on a trail detour!) as I sat down for lunch at Dexter’s in Lake Mary:


And, unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture upon arriving home; I was too exhausted and proud of myself to remember!

I tracked my food today purely out of habit, as I burned off WAY more than I could eat — a very good Sunday, indeed.




Did I mention Dexter’s had unlimited mimosas for $12? Don’t mind if I do:



Such a great day! I hope everyone had a stellar weekend and, as always, bon appetit!