Last Week

This is my last week working two full-time jobs, and it couldn’t be better timed.

My body is officially calling it quits, with a full-blown case of Strep throat knocking me out cold right after the Easter holiday. I only have to endure three more shifts of double-duty, and I officially go back to 9-6pm, Monday through Friday. I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve been eating very clean and not counting calories, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my weight balanced back out at 131.2 after two weeks of just focusing on whole, clean foods and nutrition. I wasn’t weighing myself (and hadn’t planned to weigh myself again for a few weeks), but I accidentally kicked the scale and my curiosity was on fire. Good to see that my body responds to proper nutrition and good care.

I’ll have more to write later, but the antibiotics have me exhausted (and nauseated), so I’m going to take a little nap and check back online later.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Bon appetit, my friends,

~ Tori


Setback: a Cold!

The worst thing that can happen when you’re on a new exercise and diet regimen is a sudden, unexpected roadblock. That could be a birthday party invite, a holiday, an injury, or, in my case …a cold.

I had a sore throat and a bit of congestion when I woke up yesterday morning, and I noticed that my normal energy was lacking. I initially attributed it to overexercising the day before (which I most certainly had), and just took it easy yesterday.

Today, however, I woke up with major congestion in my lungs, a hacking cough, and a low grade fever.


On the plus side: my appetite, which is normally uncontrollable, is barely a shadow of it’s normal self. I’m eating my planned snacks and lunch at work today purely out of habit, not hunger.

The down side is that I have zero energy. I’m exhausted, and I slept a full 8 hours last night. That, in itself, is unusual for me, as I tend to exist on 5-6 and feel great.

I don’t want to skip the gym, but I also don’t want to make myself worse …a bit of a dilemma.

My plan is this: eat healthy throughout the day, try to walk around the office (it’s raining outside, so that’s out the window for the moment), and see how I feel when I get home at 6pm. If I’m not feeling better, I’ll do a yoga workout video at home (very low intensity), but if most of my symptoms are better, I’ll try to squeeze in at least 30-45 minutes of cardio before having dinner.

Tomorrow night is the “cheat meal” for the week, and my husband and I are giving serious consideration to hitting Texas de Brazil. Go big or go home!

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori

Benefits to Illness?

While no one looks forward to being ill, I’ve learned over the past three days of sneezing, coughing, and intense sinus pressure (seriously, think elephant-squatting-on-your-head type pressure, folks) that there are some benefits to being ill:

  • I’ve finally stopped cheating on the Paleo diet. I’d been inhaling Chobani Greek yogurts for the past two weeks, a big no-no on the Caveman Diet, and I finally broke my addiction on Friday. I was eating 2-3 cups of the white toxin per day and it wasn’t until my sinus/respiratory infection settled in that I realized the dairy was a HUGE contributor to mucous-production. I’d always known dairy and colds don’t mix but GOOD GOD, I became a snot-factory after I ate my yogurt on Friday. I had a sore throat and thought it wouldn’t hurt but the subsequent muculence leaking from my face assured me that milk was a very, very bad idea.


  • When food has no taste, it has no power over me. Anyone that has followed this blog for more than a few weeks understands that I have a tendency to binge, especially on sweets, so the fact that I have VERY little olfactory capacities right now means that my taste buds are practically paralyzed. I can taste spicy and sour – and that’s about it. So, that being said, I’ve just eaten enough to take my medicine (like a good girl) and that’s about it.


  • Your body burns HOT when you’re ill. I’ve been rocking a fever between 99.1 and 100.6 for three days, which means my body is fighting this infection like a champ. Another benefit to kicking some bacterial asses is that you burn more calories with a higher core temperature. I’ve been guzzling Gatorade like it’s my job and yet my weight on the scale – fully dressed and with shoes – was just 135 at the doctor’s office. Yeah. That’s kind of nice.

So, even though I’m hacking up a lung and feel like death warmed over, there are a few benefits to this whole “being sick” thing.

Bon appetit, friends! Or, in my case, NyQuil dreams!

~ Tori