My Reward for a 90+ Run!

My Reward for a 90+ Run!

This delicious baby is a Paleo chocolate cupcake from Infusion Tea, an organic tea house in College Park (Orlando.)

It’s made with a blend of coconut and almond flour, bananas, raw cocoa, eggs, and deliciousness. Seriously, it’s like an orgasm in your mouth. Moist, chocolatey, and rich.

I spent over 90 minutes running on the treadmill (burning over 1,000 calories, I might add) so I thought I deserved a little treat after dinner.


Today’s weight: 135.0

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori


Food Porn, Take Two


Homemade mango salsa:

Fresh mangoes (literally, they are right off my friend’s tree), organic tomatoes, organic avocado, red onion, organic lime juice, and fresh cilantro.

Served over organic, grass-fed beef meatballs (beef, tapioca flour, egg, onion powder, garlic, salt, and pepper)  and steamed broccoli.


Bon appetit,