Ready for the Temptations to End!

My goodness, the last few weeks have been difficult.

I’ve been working out less (keep skipping Friday-Sunday), and I’ve been eating a lot more.

Fortunately, my weight has leveled out between 130-131.4, so I’m not seeing the dreaded mid 130s like I was a few weeks ago.

I can’t wait for the holidays to be OVER, not because I am a Grinch, but because I can’t handle this much daily temptation. I’ve had so much happening on weekends (parties, work events, etc), that I’m not hitting the gym as consistently as I normally do, which is NOT like me.

We’re in the home stretch. It’s Christmas week. If I can survive this, I can survive anything!

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori



OK… it’s already mid-October and I feel like life is in overdrive.

My husband’s birthday is coming up on October 30th, so I’ve set the goal to be back down below 125 in time for the weekend gorge-fest of food I’m sure we’ll have planned.

Right now I’m back down to 129.2 (still sad that I gained weight so quickly), and I’ve gotten control of my diet for the most part.

It’s amazing what a little sleep can do: every night that I get 6+ hours, I am able to keep my calories under 1,500 the next day. If I sleep less than 3 hours (common), I can guarantee I’ll be above 2,000. Your body has to get fuel somewhere… so if you don’t sleep, you’ll eat!

Most of my size four jeans are comfy again, but I’ve got a few high-waisted pairs that still feel like pointing out to me the pooch that grew over the last few weeks. Sigh. Getting there.

I hope to post more frequently in the next few weeks, but this is all I’ve got today. Hope everyone is doing well!

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori