Weigh-in Wednesday!

It looks my vacation from work -and my nearly three hour morning gym sessions- are really helping with my weight loss!

Today’s weigh-in: 126.8!!

That means I’ve dropped 9 lbs since January 5th, which is:

1) Slightly insane,
2) Too much, too fast.

I know this won’t be sustainable, as I won’t be able to commit to 2-3+ hours of exercise once I head back to work on Sunday. I guess I might as well take advantage of it now, as my weight loss will slow to a crawl once my normal exercise pattern sets in.

But that’s OK. Slow and steady wins the race. Or, in the case of overall health, moderation and consistency keep bad weight off and good muscle on!

Will post my accountability report this evening after class!

In the meantime …bon appetit, my friends!
– Tori


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