Trying not to jinx myself…

Trying not to jinx myself...

I have a really bad habit of jinxing myself through this blog, as I tend to brag about breaking weight barriers or setting a new PR at the gym only to follow it up with a tragic and depressing slump.

All I will say is that I’ve hit the gym five times per week for five straight weeks. The GymPact app is truly a blessing for me.

I’m a cardio-monster lately and have even made it a point to do a strength-training circuit at least twice per week, despite my utter aversion to the “boys section” of the gym.

My weight today? 135.6.

I’m not going to get too excited, because the weight seems to be coming off a little faster than is normal [and healthy], so chances are this is a bit of water weight.

However, I do seem to be making steady progress and I’m feeling really good about myself.

My goal is 128.5 by October 4th, 2013 [my graduation day from college] and, if I keep this pacing up, it seems like it might be a possibility.

On that note, it’s time for dinner. And a cupcake.

[only one cupcake, of course.]

Bon appetit, my friends!

~ Tori


GymPact WORKS!


So, I’ve just finished my fourth week using the GymPact app.

As you can see, I have NOT skipped a workout in four straight weeks. Other than one week with a hectic work schedule, I’ve committed to five workouts every week and bet $10 each time that I’d follow through.

Funny how dedicated you can be when money is on the line, right?

My weight is down slightly (137 this morning) despite a voracious appetite, so all of my cardio must be adding up.

Ah, the power of a Hamilton.

Bon appetit, my friends!


Renewal Monday

You guessed it. It’s Sunday night.

That means I’m in the deep, dark trenches of remorse. Remorse for a weekend weeks of bad eating, weeks of sub par workouts, and weeks of mistreatment to my body as a whole.

My postings on here have been minimal the last few weeks, primarily because my commitment to any diet/exercise regime, despite solid inspiration, was basically non-existent.

As a result, the scale is reporting a number so high, it’s too painful for me to post. A number that I haven’t seen in almost a year. An increase of almost 12 pounds since October 2012, which is horrifying to me.

In the course of a few weeks, I undid the hard work of nearly eight months of intense dieting and exercise.

Funny how that works.

I’ve decided it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Since setting goals only works for me when financial loss is on the line, this seems to be the only reasonable option for me. Don’t believe me? The ONLY reason I stuck with my diet through April was because I didn’t want to purchase a second bridesmaid’s dress if I couldn’t fit into the first one.

The same went for my girlfriend’s wedding the year before. I always manage to follow through on my goals when it involves the purchase of another $200 dress.

So, I just downloaded GymPact to my iPhone.


I’ve committed to 5 workouts per week. I’ve set the stakes at $2.50 earned for workouts completed, $5 per workout missed. So I have the potential to make $12.50 per week or lose up to $25. If these stakes aren’t enough to keep me going, I’ll up the ante to $10 per missed workout. Whatever it takes.

The next few days, I’m going to try and cleanse, especially from this weekend, and focus on just fresh veggies and lean meat – no sugars, no processed foods, minimal salt. I hope to post a weight update by midweek – assuming I’ll have flushed the superfluous weight – and just praying that it’s not as painful as it was this evening. Yikes.

Wish me luck!

~ Tori