Don’t Freak Out

I’m trying to keep myself calm. I’m trying NOT to freak out. I got on the scale this morning and it’s WAAAAY up.

Five pounds up.

I’ve done a lot of exercise lately (I ran for 2 hours, 45 minutes on Friday alone) and a lot of strength training, so I know most of the weight is the result of muscle fatigue and lactic acid back-up.

I’ve also consumed a lot of salt lately, polishing off a gigantic bowl of Vietnamese Pho on Saturday like it was my job:


This was a picture taken HALFWAY through the bowl. Yeaaaaah, I finished it.

This was a picture taken HALFWAY through the bowl. Yeaaaaah, I finished it.

I’m trying not to believe that these five pounds are real, but the numbers terrified the snot out of me this morning.

I admit, I’ve been eating a TON of candy lately.

I haven’t limited myself to one Cadbury egg this week; I’ve had 2-3 daily most of this week. I believed my extra workouts entitled me to it (which they did, I guess, if my goal was to cancel out my exercise with food) and now I’m trying to assure myself that I haven’t gained five pounds from chocolate.


Don’t freak out. Don’t purge. Don’t lose control.

I’m guzzling water and coffee today. I’m avoiding salt. I’m praying for a miracle tomorrow.

~ Tori


5 thoughts on “Don’t Freak Out

  1. Weight loss ebbs and flows. You will see it flow again soon – just keep up the good work. 2 hours and 45 minutes of running in one go! You’re exercising like a boss! (I don’t really know what that means, but my students say it like it’s a good thing. Hope I’m right.)

      • Wow, that is impressive! I tell myself I want to be a runner again (I used to do 10ks) but I haven’t worked up to sustained running yet – just intervals. I’d like to be able to do the Cowtown Half-Marathon at the end of next winter, but I would settle for the 10k. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hang in there! Don’t beat yourself up! You won’t be able to realistically stay away from things like candy and salty foods forever. You can have the things that you love in moderation. Don’t let this take away from your progress–every day is a new day to make better choices so just do better going forward 🙂

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