Tuesday Accountability Report

What a great day!

I had a blast at work today, accomplishing surprisingly everything I set out to do (even with those surprise, time-devouring, pop-up meetings).

I was good almost all day, except for my afternoon snack (a coworker walked around passing out bags of candy) and the dessert at dinner (how can you resist frozen yogurt?).

Despite a sore knee, I got in over 2 hours of cardio (elliptical trainer!) and feel pretty good right now. A good day!




Overall, it was a successful day!

Bon appetit, my friends!


Saturday Accountability Report

Man, this has been a weekend of ALCOHOL!

I’ve been getting a hefty chunk of calories every day from my drinking – almost 700 alone today! Yikes. Definitely need to tone that down a bit.

Here’s today’s report:




Way over my calorie allowance, but the workout helped to ease the deficit.

I hope everyone had a stellar Saturday! Hoping for more self-control on Sunday!

Bon appetit,


Friday Accountability Report

A few glasses of wine, a couple of cocktails and BOOM! Out like a light.

Out as in slept like a log – not anything bad. Haha!

I went out with girlfriends last night and ended up falling asleep the second I got home, so here’s yesterday’s report:




The tiramisu (and lunch!) were killers, so I really hit the gym hard. My liquid dinner wasn’t the healthiest, but it definitely made for a fun night.

Hope everyone is off to a great weekend!

Bon appetit,


Thursday Accountability Report

Wow, talk about a brain fart on my part. I totally forgot to post my accountability report yesterday. Between a long day in the office and a writing workshop in the evening, it completely slipped my mind.

Here’s how I did:





I’m hesitant to share this news here, as I know how fickle my body/weight can be, but after a week of hard exercise and not weighing in daily, I decided to check in on my weight progress yesterday.


Finally down. And substantially down, at that. I started this diet focus around 131 lbs and this puts me down nearly 8 in total and just 4 lbs from goal.

I’m trying not to jinx it, but I am feeling a little happy. 🙂

Bon appetit, my friends!


Wednesday Accountability Report

Thanks to a bout of severe insomnia, I’ve been up since 3:15 this morning (having gone to bed at 12:20am, this wasn’t much).

Since there is very little to do at this time of day, I opted to hit the gym right when it opened: 5am.

I did 75 minutes on the elliptical, only heading home because the morning hunger pangs had set in.

The good thing about morning cardio? It wakes you up.

The bad thing about morning cardio?
You’re hungry ALL DAY LONG.

Check out my food diary for proof:




Feeling guilty for my heavy consumption, I hit the gym a second time from 9:30-11pm to perform another round of cardio.

It was a good day! I’m exhausted, so let’s hope I’m not revisited by that insomnia a second night.

Bon appetit, my friends!


Tuesday Accountability Report

Whew. I am POOPED.

After a long day at work, I killed it at the gym today: two hours on the elliptical!

It was actually unintentional: a movie came on and sucked me in. I almost stayed for the whole movie (3 hours!), but I had homework to finish for the Leadership Academy in my office.

Too tired to write more; I have to be up on six hours!




Have a great night, and bon appetit!


Monday Accountability Report

I had class today (as usual on Mondays), so I couldn’t make it to the gym.

Fortunately, I managed to stick to my high protein, low(er) carb diet throughout the day, staying under 1,400 calories.




The peas are a higher sugar/starchy vegetable, but they’re my favorite and I managed to NOT eat a cupcake or chocolate of any kind, which is an achievement all on its own.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


Sunday Accountability Report

Sunday was a work day, and so I was never able to sneak in a full workout. Fortunately, I got a 30 minute walk in beforehand, took FOUR quick walk breaks during the day, and got a long walk in after dinner.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going back to my strict diet (which was working before): Paleo, very low carb, and intensive cardio. I’m less than four weeks away from my birthday so it’s time to get serious.




Glad I was able to enjoy lots of fruit with dinner! Going to keep it low sugar for the next few weeks, and I’m praying my cravings ease off quickly.

Bon appetit, my friends!


Saturday Accountability Report


I totally crashed last night and forgot to post my nutrition/fitness journal for the day. Ha!

Here’s how I did:




I indulged (a lot), but I didn’t really feel that guilty. I’m kind of in a slump with my diet/nutrition, as I’ve been working out hard and not seeing results. I’m hoping that a few weeks of not caring will jump start my metabolism a bit and motivate me to get started strong on Monday.

I didn’t add this to my calorie counter (I had no idea what it contained), but it was delicious:


Let’s pretend it was low-carb, low-calorie, and sin-free, mkay? 🙂

Bon appetit, my friends, and enjoy your Sunday!