The Journey

Whenever I get discouraged about my weight, I force myself to look at old pictures of myself to remember how far I’ve come.


Even if I yo-yo a few pounds now and then, I know I will never go back to the girl in the outer photos. I have to remember that good health and fitness is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

Bon appetit, my friends.

– Tori


Wednesday Accountability Report

Whew! I’m exhausted after a long workout (cardio and strength), so my post will be short and sweet.

Here’s how I did for the day:





While I’ve been a bit disappointed in my weight the last week or so, I must admit that I can see noticeable definition starting in my legs and I’ve officially maxed out the calf-press machine (400 lbs, 9 reps)!


Don’t judge the bug bite: it’s Florida, it’s summer, and mosquitos are basically eating children whole. This is minor compared to how legs, arms, and exposed body parts look mid-summer.

I hope everyone had a great day, squeezed a workout in, and took good care of their bodies! And, if you enjoyed a few indulgences, good for you for taking care of your soul! :

Bon appetit, my friends!