Throwback Thursday: Age 12! #tbt

Name: Victoria
Age: 12
Position: 1st Baseman
Weight: 148


Why, exactly, were we required to have our weight on the back of our baseball cards in seventh grade? Did someone believe our rookie cards would have a value down the road? Did our weight influence our performance in some way? We were 12; the fact that we made it around the bases was already an accomplishment.

It is shocking to realize that at 29, I weigh more than 20 lbs less than I did at 12. I don’t think 148 was huge, but for a pre-teen, it couldn’t have been the healthiest place for a growing body. My real weight issues took place in high school, but I can see the foundations for my love (obsession) with food forming at a young age.

Fortunately, the past is the past and I’m healthy, strong, and happy today. My relationship with good is still love:hate, but it gets better every day.

Bon appetit, my friends!



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