Throwback Thursday 8/14 #tbt


I haven’t been posting on here as regularly as I’d like, but I was able to go through some old photos while cleaning this weekend and wanted to share a TBT picture.

Check this doozy out:


Yikes! This was the summer before senior year, probably May 2001.

Look how baggy I wore my jeans in an effort to hide my weight! My face is so full, it’s hard for me to recognize myself in this picture.

I’ve worked for over a decade to put this version of myself behind me, but it’s nice to look now and then to see how far I’ve come!

Bon appetit, my friends!

– Tori


Milestone: 90 lbs Lost

I realized something pretty significant a few moments ago: as of yesterday, I’ve officially lost more than 90 lbs since high school.

At my peak, I weighed in around 214 lbs at the end of junior year.

I was large. I was exhausted. I was not comfortable in my own skin.

It dawned on me today that yesterday’s weigh in (under 124) meant that I had officially crossed the 90 lbs marker.

Am I doing the math right? Have I really lost the body weight of a 13 year old? Wow.

I never imagined it possible to be this weight. I never imagined wearing clothing from the mall or not being stared at by people as I ate. It really seems to be sinking in today how far I’ve come.

I’m not normally one to take bathing suit shots (not a fan of my stomach due to the excess skin), but I wanted to at least take a moment to commemorate this milestone in my journey of weight loss, fitness, and overall good health.


I feel strong. Proud. Accomplished.

Today is a good day.

Bon appetit, my friends!